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30 acres of heaven on the Earth

We are a small vegetarian community  founded in 1979,  we follow bhakti yoga tradition.

Our farm is located in a beautiful Hungarian farmland called  “Magyar Puszta”, this place used to be full of farms with plenty of animals, wolves, foxes, a lots of precious birds, castors, minks and otters, of course deers and rabbits too.

Due to irresponsible communist dictatorship, those beautiful farms disappeared along with marshlands with its birds and animals and plenty of  lakes.

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Volunteers in Hungary
Photo: Leveles Zoltan
Photo: Leveles Zoltan

From all this various species many have dissapeared, we are struggling to create a spiritual oasis where everyone  can be happy – plants, animals and humans.

Don’t worry, it is not that bad any more. That was the situation 30 years ago.  We are working continuously to revive the South-Hungarian farmland, developing the infrastructure, we are doing organic gardening, daily spiritual practices such as studying, meditating, yoga asanas and increasing the beauty of the nature, making it more suitable for living.

We planted 5 hectars  of forest, on 8 hectars we grow organic wheat, we have our own milling machine, we want as many trees as possible, pure drinking water, lots of birds and animals in our area.

Finally we have a rich wildlife again. Many kinds of birds and other animals are appearing again which were not seen in the area for decades.

We are eager to preserve our natural resources, and to make the best use of them, we are thankful for everything nature is providing providing. This is an act of thankfulness and at the same time of awareness and consciousness. It is about the future generations and, our dream is to become a self-sustained eco community.

Kindly note that we are prepared for volenteer programs only during summer.

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